Time Traveling Through Old photos

After a whole week full of hard work and deadlines, the last two days of work right before Idul Adha holiday felt so tiring…and boring. Got no mood whatsoever to do any work, so after I did one of my assignments for the day, I spent the rest of my time at the office by browsing through the internet, either tweeting, blogwalking, or even just passing through every photo albums on each friend I have on Facebook.
Then I went to one of my mother’s Facebook photo album, which was named “foto jadoel”. She collected a lot of old pictures of our big family in that album and mostly I found my late grandparents old pictures. The old photos still look amazing, after she scanned them from the original pieces and edited them a bit to get the image to look so clean and new. The pictures are great, capturing a lot of beautiful moments from the earlier days of my late grandparents’ marriage life. Here are some of them…

My late grandparents on their wedding day

Their younger days. I love this pic, they look so romantic :’)

My Grandpapa, Grandmama and their friends. These beautiful ladies that are in the pic with them are my Grandmama’s good friends and until the day Grandmama passed they would still comeby to meet her at her house in Solo.

Grandpapa and Grandmama in their band, named Suara Astana. Both of my late grandparents were music lovers and great musicians. Their talents run in the family. My mother herself is a good singer, while both my brother and I love to play music sometimes.

I also found this photo. This is the photo of my mother and her older brother when they were still so little. I also love this pic, which she once used as her profile picture on her Facebook Account, because it shows how close she was (and still is) with her older brother, Pakde Bambang. And seeing this pic, reminds me of a picture of myself with my cousin Itha, who is Pakde Bambang’s oldest daughter, which was taken a few years back. In the photo we were standing side by side with the exact position like our parent did, and I also notice that we do look exactly like our parent! Take a look…

Left pic: my mother on the left and her older brother on the right.
Right pic: myself on the left and Itha on the right.
Get my point? :D

After browsing through my mother’s photo album, I went to Itha’s Facebook Account and opened her family photo album. I found some other amazing old photos….of us! The photo was taken when we were still in elementary school. In that photo was my brother and I, along with my cousins Itha and her sister - Dinda, and my other cousins – the daughters of my mother’s younger Brother, Om Ayik – Sazha and Sade. Our age weren’t so far apart and the six of us was the early group of grandchildren in the house, so our Grandpapa requested that we took a photo of us together at the front terrace of the family house in Solo.
Actually, there was another photo which were taken about more than 10 years later, when we were gathering at the same big house on one of the many Idul Fitri holidays we used to celebrate together. We found the old photo of our young self and decided to make another picture of the older version. (we are such a creative family, aren’t we? :D) I still haven't found that photo yet, but I promise to post it here once I finnally do.
Anyway, just take a look at this one while I search for it...

Our younger version (before)

It was fun seeing old photos, looking back at our family’s past and reminiscing many old memories. I miss them, I miss hanging out with my cousins.

Well, before I go...let me leave you with another photo. This is when the big family went for a holiday trip to Prambanan. Again, you can see how creative we are, almost all of us wore sunglasses!! Haha...it was fun.

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