Season's Greetings!!!

Happy Holidays!!

Being born in a very big family with such variety of beliefs and religions, we also celebrate Christmas together every year. So many delicious food was available since at the same day both of my grandmothers (both are my Mom's aunt) were also celebrating their birthdays.
Family reunions are always fun.

The little princess

The joy of the holiday

My look: Vintage top, Vintage White-Turquoise Checkers Maxi Skirt (gifted by my Mom), Capacci camel bag, Heels by Bonvieux Shop

Hello (again), December!

First day of December.
And though we have no winter season here, Jakarta still feels cold since the rainy season has started.
Saying hello to my fave sweaters, coats and boots again (finally).
Can't believe it's almost the end of the year again, and it's getting closer and closer to the most important event of my life which is coming up soon.

I have so many plans that I haven't achieve this year but hopefully I can actually start on some of them this month.
*Fingers crossed*

Dear boyfriend, I want to cuddle up on that sofa bed.  Let's?