Superdry Summer-Spring 2012 Collection Fashion Show

Last week I joined THE BIGGEST GIVEAWAY EVER WITH SUPERDRY held by MetroX and Superdry Indonesia, and eventually became one of the winners. Yaaayyy!! (see announcement here)

I didn't win the full makeover grandprize but I did win a special invitation to attend Superdry Summer-Spring 2012 Collection Fashion Show at Plaza Indonesia, which was held as part of Plaza Indonesia Fashion Week. The show was held last Wednesday, March 21st 2012, at Plaza Indonesia Function Hall.

It was a great show after all. The invitation was valid for 2 persons and at first I didn't have anyone to go with, and actually prepared myself to go alone (as always). But then my husband told me that he would go, just so I won't have to go home alone late at night (love you, hon! :*). So we met just before the show started at 8 PM on Plaza Indonesia.

The show was a great success. I'm loving the whole collection. Bravo, Superdry!

The door-prize winner announcement. Unfortunately, I didn't win :'(

The MC is introducing Christy, the Full Makeover Grand Prize winner by Superdry

Here are some of the collection that I love and was able to take pics of...


And though I didn't get the grand prize nor won the door prize, I still didn't got home empty handed. I got this special goodie-bag and cute Tee from Superdry.

Deffinitely a great night. And I felt so lucky to be able to have a ride home together with my husband, since  our work places are far apart. So unlucky that we didn't get to take pictures of ourselves at the event. This way I can't brag on how I survived wearing extremely high platform heels shoes that night for the show. Gonna make sure that won't happen again next time :p


The loveliest wedding gift ever

The 10th March was my wedding day and it was so beautiful. Though we had some misshaps along the way but everything went well in the end and everybody had fun. There was so many people that came and so many that couldn't join our celebrations sent their love from afar.

In this post I want to share you one of the most beautiful gift we received. It is from our dear friend, Nuki, who lives so far from us since she moved with her husband to this beautiful island away from our big city. She is a remarkable scrapbook artist, and I love every creation she makes that she posts on her blog or facebook page.

She made two pages of scrapbooks for us which we then use as decorations on the wedding, and both of them are beautiful. She made one with turqoise and peach color theme which actually were the color theme of my wedding and the other with black color theme with a cute bird cage hanging on top, which is also perfect because we used bird cages as decorations on the wedding party. And she made them both only in a short time, since I didn't send the news to her about the wedding untill about a week prior of the D-day. Amazing, huh? :p

This is how we received the package...

(Sorry for the blurry pictures, I only had seconds to take them before leaving the house)

I don't have any of the pictures showing them how we set them on the wedding party yet but this is how we set them on our living room now...

Thanks again for the amazing gift, Mbak them dearly :*

PS: you can see more of the details of the scrapbooks and the stories behind them from here and here.


A New Chapter


The beginning of my fairytale....our new journey starts here.

10 . 03 . 12

Timeless Tales

I have started blogging since 2006. Back then I had so many blogs with different purposes and themes. I had one that compiled all my fiction writings, another one was about music and movies, others were my daily journals, where I shared my personal stories of love and heartbreaks. On the year 2008 I started compiling stuff from those different blogs, throw away all the cheessy and unimportant posts, and put the important or interesting posts into one single blog. That was when I started my blog, "The Diary of Ms. Dee".

I chose that title because I had no other idea what to name it with and decided to go for an obvious line which basically describes best of the posts consisted in my blog. Just about my life, my diary, my personal interests and thoughts.

But then I started to write different things, my work, my creations, my ideas and talk less about my personal problems. And also I felt that, having so actively blogging for so long, I need to expand this blog on more things to share. Because my life is also expanding. I'm going through some more experiences in life, I travel more, I create more, I write more and share more things that aren't totally personal for me. And with more people joining in this blog, many new people reading it more day by day, I don't think that being "just a diary" is no longer relevant. Therefore I decided to change the title of this blog.

I chose the title "TIMELESS TALES" because I love telling stories, of my life, of my love, of my family and things that I have loved for. And I love to share more lately about everything that I cherish in this world and I am working on, and more new interests that I found along the way. Thank you to all of you that have been reading my stories and words on my blogs since 2006, or this blog since 2008. And also thank you for new followers and readers who have been so kindly to drop by (please drop by more often). I will keep blogging as long as I can and I will share to you all everything that I am going through from this day onwards.

Dee ~~

Green on Black

Last Saturday Night. My mother got a special invitation from our neighbour, which was for a sweet seventeen birthday party for one of our neighbour's daughter. We were so busy for the whole day that Saturday that my Mom actually forgot about it. The invitation was for a dinner ball at JW Marriot Hotel at 6.30 PM but it was already close to 6 PM when we found the invite card and remembered it, and my Mom asked my fiance and I to go with her.

We got a bit of a hard time preparing for the party since the invite card said, "Please wear something green." And all I have mostly are little black dresses haha. My fiance was already wearing this vintage top with brown-green pattern and my Mom decided to wear a green flowered batik shawl with black outfit. Luckily I have a very cute turquoise ring and mint headpiece, both by ChainReaction Stuff, that I bought a few months before. Close enough, right?

We had an incredible night. The night was fun, the birthday girl was so beautiful that night, and the food was great.

With my Mom

The lovely birthday girl

We borrowed my brother Canon S100 that night and totally fell in love with the photo results. We even took some time taking pictures just before we left for home. My Mom is actually a great photographer as well, by the way :p

What I wear: E004 and C011 from ChainReaction Stuff // vintage black-polka dress by Bonvieux Shop // shoes by Calliope // unbranded thights // Karen Clutch by CottonInk

Counting Down March

Sooo.....It's March! Finally...!

I am totally excited for this month but at the same time probably a bit nervous about everything. A bit event is coming this early March, and we've been preparing it for months now.  

Anyway, I made this in the middle of my spare time. While I'm starting to learn how to do scrapbooking, I keep doing it digitally in my spare time or whenever I'm not busy (or maybe just bored) while I'm at work. It's easier to do and I can do it anytime I want, especially when I have to sit in front of a computer 9 to 5 everyday. This time I got this cute digital scrapbooking kit from one of my favorite blog, Shabby Blogs, which I adore so much that I try to create something out of them. I downloaded the calendar from Creating Keepsakes. I found this blog from Mbak Nuki's post on her blog (you should check it out, she's very talented in scrapbooking. I'm a huge fan of her work :p)

I'm making this as a reminder on my computer since I don't regularly put a calender on my work desk (and it caused me forgetting dates and all), while creating something sweet on my desk to cheer me up everyday. 

Dee's March Mini Calendar

If you pay attention closely you might find a mark in the image as a little spoiler to what event is happening and when. I'll share about it more much later, probably :)

Meanwhile, have a splendid March, everybody. Enjoy life to the fullest!