Casual Cool Collection By Cotton Ink

Firstly (and proudly), I want to say congratulations to Cotton Ink, one of my most favorite local fashion brand for winning the Cleo Fashion Award as Best Innovative Local Brand. Cotton Ink deserves this award mostly because their designs are always over the top. With beautifully detailed style, fabulous colors and simple – but truly – innovative lines, the designs that Cotton Ink launches periodically would always be admirable and it’s impossible to not fall in love with. I, myself, have some of my own fave Cotton Ink’s items saved in my private closet, and would wear each one of them on everyday basis.

Last October, Cotton Ink once again launched another of their amazing collection, which is called Casual Cool. The main theme of the collection speaks out on comfort.

Each items in the collection shows amazing drapery effects that are totally unique and so much interesting. The simple yet unique collection are all easy to mix and match, either with each other and also with other fashion items in our own closet, such as leggings, opaque tights, waist belts, high-length boots, and so much more. Just play along with your imagination just by browsing through their lookbook and the images of the collection items. So you can either go to casual or elegant with your own mix-matching style.

Lookbook images all courtesy of Cotton Ink

Two of my most fave items of the collection are the cozy and beautiful Dark Purple V-Neck Cardi, and also the elegant and classy Luxe Althea Viscose Lavender Pink Dress.

The Dark Purple V-Neck Cardi makes a beautiful outerwear, possible to wear on both casual and formal events. It also comes in Light Khaki, Dark Grey and Dusty Berry. I love the simple look of the cardi, with a different touch given through the side lines and also the flexible fabric belt that you can play with to give different effects on the cardi itself. The fabulous dark purple color makes the look a lot more classy and also fit to match along with any kind of color, so mix-matching this cardi with other fashion items is totally possible to do.

The beautiful Luxe Althea Viscose Lavender Pink Dress gives a classy feminine look through it’s very delicate fabric and drapery effect that doesn’t go too much. It also comes in Black and Midnight Blue colors. I fell in love at the first sight with this piece, knowing that I can create a lot of different looks from the simple dress by mix-matching it with my other clothing collections and accessories, making it possible for me to wear it everyday and everywhere I go. And the color itself is also unique and beautiful.

Go visit the Cotton Ink Webstore for yourself to see the rest of their available collection, which I’m really sure you don’t wanna miss. I’m sure you’ll love it…well, I do.

Go shop and be fashionable with Cotton Ink.


Note: all images in this blog are courtesy of Cotton Ink


  1. hello..
    me too, love the cardigan! heart the color

  2. I know...lovely isn't it?
    full of heart for the cardi :)


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