Path by Path

I'm learning how to be a Tarot reader...
I can actually read people's fate, fortune and future love life through cards, but not in Tarot. And I never use this ability to read my own fate and fortune. So sometimes I ask questions in one of Facebook's application which uses Tarot reading to tell fortunes and answer questions.

I just did it a few minutes ago...
The question was simple: "How soon will we get married?"
Here's the answer: problems and the needs to make more plans - the will and dedication to go on (with the plan) - moving to a new area

Well, to tell you the truth, the whole premonition is exactly like what my future husband and I are going through. Still collecting the money we need for the whole plan to go with, wanting it even more and more everyday, and the plan to move to another city for the coming future.

All I can say is....I hope the journey that we're going through to finally be spending the rest of our life together will go smoothly and as planned.

I want to spend the rest of my lifetime with my lovely man. And I would go through path by path to make it happen.

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