song of the day p.15

(MGMT - Electric Feel live on Abbey Road)

I love this band,their music, and this song.
but this live performance is totally out of this world....amazing :)

Go Beagle!

My boyfriend/future husband and I have been talking about addopting a puppy. Well, we probably won't actually be addopting at least untill we are officially married, but we've been considering the options,about which kind of breed we should get.

I know he's been much in love with Beagles.
And after watching this video that he posted on his twitter yesterday,I fell so much in love with them also.

Just watch :)

We're deffinitely getting a Beagle :3

- Short Update -

Just got back from the second day of me blogwalking.
and realized that I haven't updated my blog for......quite....a long while!


I'll start updating many stories later on.but first...
I'll update my own look first

these are the photos of my recent look :)

I took these last three at my office...

my hair is much longer now,and I'm loving it...
and I also am more in love with music and fashion,so I'll probably tell a lot more stories from them.

Anyway,that's all for now