Nikicio for Centro. Now Available!

Just found out about Nikicio Collection for Centro… Kinda late though, but I’m totally in love with the collection. Simple and chic design, natural colours AND with affordable prices. Can’t wait for November 18th, gotta have some of the collection to wear to work or daily routines. I can imagine myself mix-matching each pieces to make myself look amazing and fashionable everyday…

So I posted the review line above at Centro Lifestyle Department Store Indonesia Official Fans Page's wall as a submission to a small quiz that they held a few days ago. The quiz was held in addition to welcome the new upcoming collection named Nikicio for Centro, offering a voucher worth 100.000 rupiahs to shop new Nikicio items at the launching date on November 18th, 2010.

Before I go on with my story perhaps I should tell you more about this collection. Especially when I know that you probably have just been asking about who/what is Nikicio for Centro.

Nikicio is a local fashion brand founded by a very talented young fashion designer, Nina Karina Nikicio. The label Nikicio, named by the designer's own last name, was launched in 2007. Her work is based on her beliefs that every clothe has to last more than a single season. A clothe has to be treated as an investment and able to tell a story. Her signature style would be easy, sleek, with an edge and unpredictable little details, which she brings constantly to her fabolous designs.

After the success that she had gained by promoting and selling her designs through her webstore, Nina Nikicio finnally launched Nikicio for Centro collection, which is (as described by its name) only launched especially for Centro and can only be found on Centro Lifestyle Department Store Indonesia.

The collection was launched today, November 18th, 2010. And as one of the previous quiz winner, I came by to one of Centro Lifestyle Department Store Indonesia's branch which is located in Plaza Semanggi, in South Jakarta. I immediately claimed for my prize and went to see the whole collection for myself.

Helping out at the Nikicio for Centro's counter was the designer herself, Nina Nikicio, and her partner, giving some advices and helps a lot of interested costumers to chose for their favorite fashion items that were already available at store. The collection was amazing, there were so many to chose from and it took me awhile until I finnally decided which ones to buy. I mean, each pieces are so adorable and the fabrics are so loose and comfortable to wear. These are some of the collection that I loved so much...

One of my first choices that eventually became my final decision was the beautiful Black Drape Front Maxi Skirt and I also added this very cute Beige Classic Tank Top to my shopping bag. There was so many of the listed items that I wanted to have. But considering the situation where I didn't really have enough money to buy a lot of items in one day so I started my collection with these lovely simple items. Here's my look wearing them...

Top: Nikicio fo Centro Beige Classic Tank Top
Bottom: Nikicio for Centro Black Drape Front Maxi Skirt

Don't I look amazing? The designs in the collection has the simple look yet has this surprising and beautiful details which I love so much.

"A collection (on top of all things) needs to be real and honest. And that's what NIKICIO is all about. We would never design things that we won't wear ourselves."
(Nina Nikicio)

Anyway, this was a good day. And thank you so much to Nikicio and Centro.

To find out more, check out these websites:

Go shop for your own Nikicio for Centro collection. I know you want to...


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