Coffee and Cameras

Last weekend my fiance and I went to our usual coffee-date, at our favorite place, KopiTiam by Bengawan Solo Coffee at La Piazza Kelapa Gading. The only difference is that this time we ask my brother to go along with us. The main idea that day was to let him take pictures of us while are on a date, and we're sort of planning to use some of the photos as part of our pre-wedding pictures. Here are some of his great work, with my editing (I'm only doing it for this blog. Nothing serious yet).

You might notice that there's something different about us on the picture above. Yes, shorter hair! We both actually cut our hair last week and almost at the same time though we didn't meet each other before weekend. Some of my friends questioned me about it, considering that a "very important event" is coming soon and I might need my hair a lot longer. But I couldn't help it, my hair started to keep falling after I got this high fever a few weeks ago. Well, let's just hope that my hair will get much longer in a few weeks :p

After a couple of hours hanging out at the small coffee-shop, we went for a little walk at La Piazza and let my brother took some pictures then. We went separate ways after because my brother had to go back to work again that night. The photos came out great although it felt kinda awkward being to model for a camera, I guess it goes that way to many photographers or people that have been working behind the camera and not in front of them. But I guess it was much more harder for my fiance...I often become his model on every photo-hunting date we've been on, but he rarely got his picture taken. I guess that's why we laughed a lot everytime we try to purposely act in front of the camera.

More photo sessions for our pre-wedding pictures are coming up. Can't wait to work on them again.


October 14th. A birthday wish (and some lovable song) from my fiance by the phone. A birthday wish from my brother through Twitter. And birthday kisses from my parents...all at exactly midnight time at the 14th. A simple but really sweet birthday, but extremely special since I was so far away from home last year.

I planned to have cupcakes as birthday cakes, just like how I got come cupcakes for my fiance's birthday last August 15th. But then I changed the whole plan since I just won a dozen of yummy cupcakes from Cupcakes Company just the week before from winning a quiz that they held on Twitter. So we just had a dinner together instead.

The actual birthday dinner was held the day after, at Saturday night, at Abuba Steakhouse Kelapa Gading. The night was great...great meal, great company, though the service was not so great. But we still enjoyed ourselves.

None of us had our cameras that night (can you imagine, a whole family of photographers and yet no one had any camera with them?), so we didn't take any special photos. But we did have some taken by my cellphone. They're not much, but still a perfect memory of the night.

With my whole family
The delicious meal
The two of us
28 is a very powerful number. I am so grateful for the life I've gone through, and for the many amazing experiences I have. There are still so many things I wanna do, and so many places I wanna go to. I guess this is some sort of a reminder that I have to move faster to reach every dream I have. I just can't wait to experience more in life. And mostly for the future I have with my fiance.

A Simple Hello (Back)

Hello, everyone...It has been a long while since the last time I updated this blog of mine, haven't I? I have a lot of things I want to share to you guys from the past months I've been offline but there's so many things in mind that I just don't know where to start.
Well, since I'm still at work so I guess I'll have to wait 'till tonight before I start writing back. I changed my blog design and and thinking of getting a new title for the blog. Deffinitely open to any ideas, if any of you could help me decide.

Starting my updates, I'll share you this cute video on how to make a yummy Beet Cake (yyummmm!!). This video was made by Tiger In a Jar, one of my favorite few that I found on Vimeo. The video is so creative and I love watching it over and over again. Enjoy and see you soon :)