Coffee & Movie

Alhamdulillah...had another great day today.
I had a coffee-date with Dika at our favorite coffee house today, then we went to watch Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows - Part 1 at La Piazza's 21. We didn't have our camera with us today - which was a huge mistake - but I took some pics of our date by my phone's camera.

The movie was great, since I'm a huge fan of Harry Potter. One of my favorite scene was the part where Ron immediately corrected Hermione when she read the word "twilight" from her was funny (for me, if you don't get it - am not a fan of "that movie")

I cried at the last scene...can't wait for the second part of the movie.

Oh, by the way. My mom's bestfriend, who is also my godmother, bought me some new pairs of shoes yesterday. Three pairs of them!!

I'm happy... :)

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