I just wanna say...

I almost never updated my blog at all last year. And it amazes me when I actually started blogging again this year, that I found so many amazing blogs. I found a lot of fashion blogs from these most talented people with great fashion sense. I found so many new young photographers, and also a lot of talented writers.

Not only that I've started writing and blogging again, I'm also back in photography business, and this time I'm in it with the man of my life. So I'm quite excited, especially eversince I started working in the architects company I actually have troubles in managing my own time and had no opportunity in pursuing any career in photography. But I'm in a roll now, so wish me luck :)

I also have followers now!! Yay! Thanks to all of you that are following my blog. I'm really sorry for my foreign readers because I write a lot in Bahasa, but I'm working on making my blog bilingual so I can publish the English version of my writings.

Anyway, I'm happy to meet a lot of interesting and talented new people from around the world through my blog, and hoping that I can share a lot of things here. I'm not a fashion blogger, but I love fashion. Especially because I'm a designer and also a photographer, so I kinda have to haha. I kinda write a lot things in my blog. I just hope I don't bore you guys or anything.

I think that's all, the point is I just wanna say 'Hi'. And nice to know you all. See you guys soon, because I'll be posting a lot of more stories.

This is me :)


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