The Goods Dept. Grand Opening Night

Last Thursday night (at Sept 27th, 2012) was a special night for The Goods Dept. because they were having their grand opening night. And I was lucky enough to received a special invitation to attend the event, which I actually won on a quiz that they held on Twitter the day before.
I went to Pasific Place by myself right after work and managed to enter The Goods Dept. at 7 pm (just when the gate was opened). I didn't stay until the actual ceremony and party started because I had to prepare myself for a meeting at the office the next morning, but I did have some little shopping and had the chance to choose on some new collections from my favorite brands that were available.

There were so many cool and gorgeous new stuff from the brands that I love...I did manage to take some pics though (sorry for the low quality shots, I didn't have my camera with me so I just simply use my phone camera)

Totally loved the 80's theme decoration on the store (and the people who was there). So fun and classy :)
This is me. I had no one to ask for taking my picture so I just took mine through the mirror reflection. Just to prove that I was there :p
The ink mark I got just when I left. I didn't come back  after though

Thank you so much for The Goods Dept. for the special invitation. Had a great time. Too bad I didn't stay long to enjoy the party (and didn't take any pics of the amazing party either), but the Baileys Milkshake was extra yummy.


More info on The Goods Dept. go to:
The Goods Dept. is located at Pacific Place, 1st Floor.
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