Ms. Dee

My name is Dita Wisnuwardani. Born and raised in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. Both of my parents are originally from Solo, that makes me a Javanese origin and am still in the bloodline of the royals of Solo. I am a young architect struggling to make it in the design world, who is curently in love with interior and graphic design, also much in fashion. I love to write...about anything. And I also love photography. I've been taking pictures since I was a kid but just recently decided to take it more seriously since my younger brother is on the rise with his career in freelance music and stage photography, and my boyfriend is also starting to find his own photographic style in streets and humanitarian photography.

Dee Wardani is sort of my 'pen-name'. I got this nickname since I was active in theaters and stage dancing which started around the year 2003-2004, and have been using this name eversince, not only on stage but also in writing, in music and - recently - in photography.

This blog contains my thoughts, my heart, my opinions, but mostly my stories. This is my diary...enjoy :)