You take the skyway, high above the busy little one-way
In my stupid hat and gloves, at night I lie awake
Wonderin if Ill sleep
Wonderin if well meet out in the street

But you take the skyway
It dont move at all like a subway
Its got bums when its cold like any other place
Its warm up inside
Sittin down and waitin for a ride
Beneath the skyway

Oh, then one day, I saw you walkin down that little one-way
Where, the place Id catch my ride most everyday
There wasnt a damn thing I could do or say
Up in the skyway

[Jeremy Messersmith – Skyway]

God bless Jeremy Messersmith....

I just wanna say...

I almost never updated my blog at all last year. And it amazes me when I actually started blogging again this year, that I found so many amazing blogs. I found a lot of fashion blogs from these most talented people with great fashion sense. I found so many new young photographers, and also a lot of talented writers.

Not only that I've started writing and blogging again, I'm also back in photography business, and this time I'm in it with the man of my life. So I'm quite excited, especially eversince I started working in the architects company I actually have troubles in managing my own time and had no opportunity in pursuing any career in photography. But I'm in a roll now, so wish me luck :)

I also have followers now!! Yay! Thanks to all of you that are following my blog. I'm really sorry for my foreign readers because I write a lot in Bahasa, but I'm working on making my blog bilingual so I can publish the English version of my writings.

Anyway, I'm happy to meet a lot of interesting and talented new people from around the world through my blog, and hoping that I can share a lot of things here. I'm not a fashion blogger, but I love fashion. Especially because I'm a designer and also a photographer, so I kinda have to haha. I kinda write a lot things in my blog. I just hope I don't bore you guys or anything.

I think that's all, the point is I just wanna say 'Hi'. And nice to know you all. See you guys soon, because I'll be posting a lot of more stories.

This is me :)



Watch by Monol

I love my new watch...

Coffee & Movie

Alhamdulillah...had another great day today.
I had a coffee-date with Dika at our favorite coffee house today, then we went to watch Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows - Part 1 at La Piazza's 21. We didn't have our camera with us today - which was a huge mistake - but I took some pics of our date by my phone's camera.

The movie was great, since I'm a huge fan of Harry Potter. One of my favorite scene was the part where Ron immediately corrected Hermione when she read the word "twilight" from her was funny (for me, if you don't get it - am not a fan of "that movie")

I cried at the last scene...can't wait for the second part of the movie.

Oh, by the way. My mom's bestfriend, who is also my godmother, bought me some new pairs of shoes yesterday. Three pairs of them!!

I'm happy... :)

Setahun kemarin...

Main edit-editan foto lama sama si yayang, masih butuh banyak belajar..hasil akhir yang di-upload ini tetep dari si yayang hehehe. Foto ini diambil waktu kami ke acara Art For Cure di IKJ sekitar pertengahan awal tahun yang lalu.

Damn, I miss you....


Djakarta Artmosphere was held last week (Saturday, November 20th, 2010) at Balai Kartini, Jakarta, Indonesia. It wasn't until the last moment that I finnally decided to go to that amazing event along with Dika, my dear future husband, and my dear friend, Rianti, if it wasn't for my younger brother's clever persuation by giving us free tickets through Jakarta Concerts' quiz when we actually had no money to buy them (we are such quiz cheaters and free-bie freaks haha).

Oh and for those who doesn't know yet, Jakarta Concerts is a community website for concert lovers/hunters in the city of Jakarta (which now actually has a lot more members from throughout Indonesia and also abroad), which was established by my dear younger brother, Dimas Wisnuwardono, with his college-mate, Ryan Novianto, on the year 2007 (more info here).

Djakarta Artmosphere is an event held yearly - after the success of the first time ever held in 2009 - as a celebration of art, music, the creative expressions of so many young talents in Jakarta, and also as a place of intermingling between the various diverse cultures. At the event held that night we saw a special photography exhibition by young photographers giving out themes of humanity.

We took our pictures before entering the concert venue.
Left: myself and Rianti
Right: myself and Dika

But the main event was the music colaborations, where on the entire evening we would enjoy a lot of amazing colaborations between the senior artists from the 80s-90s music era and the younger artists which are well known for the last decade.

The show started at 8 PM, opened by our favorite band, The Trees And The Wild. It's been quite awhile since the last time I see them perform on stage, though my brother eventually has been their tour photographer for the last few months. The performance was then followed by Mocca, and the Bonita & The Hus Band. Then after each band performed one of their own hit songs, the famous 80s musician/artist/composer, Mr. Odie Agam, entered the stage and started his collaboration with the younger musicians. It was awesome. Most of the audience were teenagers or as old as we are, but since Mr. Odie Agam's hit songs was famous when we were little almost all of the audience in the venue knew the hit songs he played that night and got to sing along together.

The Trees And The Wild

Mocca Band

Bonita & The Hus Band

After the first collaboration ended, the next perfomer, Leonardo, entered the stage with his band. This time Leonardo collaborate with a senior male singer/musician, Utha Likumahuwa, which was actually my dear uncle's favorite Indonesian male singer of all time. The collaboration was so touching, especially when along the show Leonardo keeps saying how much he was a huge fan of Utha Likumahuwa eversince he was still a little boy.

Leonardo and Utha performances

The next collaboration was Gugun Blues Shelter with a senior rock-diva, Sylvia Saartje. The performace was great, Sylvia Saartje has an amazing voice even after almost 10 years she left the rock stage.

Gugun Blues Shelter - Sylvia Saartje

But the most amazing collaboration was the final performance. Navicula, a very talented band that is originally from Bali and is famous as a Seattle-sound band with a very powerfull stage performance, collaborated with the legendary rock-band in Indonesia, God Bless. I've known this band (God Bless) eversince I was a little girl, when my Dad took me to one of their concert in Ancol Beach when I was still 2 years old! And Dika is also a huge fan of the band. So this final performance of the night was probably the one that he's been waiting all night long. And it was amazing!!

The amazing collaboration of Navicula and God Bless

The night ended greatly, after an amazing stage show and meeting a lot of old friends, we came home almost in tears because we were super excited. Can't wait to see some more upcoming music concerts.

Thank you, my dear Wahyu Adi Pramardika, for the pictures :)

Path by Path

I'm learning how to be a Tarot reader...
I can actually read people's fate, fortune and future love life through cards, but not in Tarot. And I never use this ability to read my own fate and fortune. So sometimes I ask questions in one of Facebook's application which uses Tarot reading to tell fortunes and answer questions.

I just did it a few minutes ago...
The question was simple: "How soon will we get married?"
Here's the answer: problems and the needs to make more plans - the will and dedication to go on (with the plan) - moving to a new area

Well, to tell you the truth, the whole premonition is exactly like what my future husband and I are going through. Still collecting the money we need for the whole plan to go with, wanting it even more and more everyday, and the plan to move to another city for the coming future.

All I can say is....I hope the journey that we're going through to finally be spending the rest of our life together will go smoothly and as planned.

I want to spend the rest of my lifetime with my lovely man. And I would go through path by path to make it happen.

Fireworks for Weekend

A little gift for all of you....

[Firework - Katy Perry]

"Baby, you're a firework"
Have a great weekend, everyone....


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