DIY - Old to New Black Jeans

I love fashion. And I love shopping. And there's a habit of mine to keep my closet from blowing out with so many things to keep inside. I always take my time to re-arrange my closet every 2 months, and at those times I pick out any items I have that I would never wear again or the things that I am bored with. I then take those items and put them in boxes which then I would either giveaway to any friends or siblings that need or want them, or give them out to charity, and lately I'm selling some of them on my online garage sale.

But there would also times when I find some things that I'm bored with, but instead of giving them away I would just re-design them and make them new again.

One example is my old black jeans from Mobile Power which was given by my late aunt a few years ago. I still like them but the model was too out of dated that I sewed it up and made it to a slim fit model which I love more. I've been wearing them to work these last few days and it is so comfortable to wear.

What I wear: Beige Classic Tank Top by Nikicio For Centro, Vintage Print Cropped Cardigan by Promod, unbranded belt, DIY Slim Black Jeans, Vintage Pocket Watch by PhieGarage, my Mom's Fladeo Black Heels


What I wear: Navy Blue Tank Top with Front Welt Pocket by Oneandahalf, unbranded misty purple shirt, unbranded belt, DIY Slim Black Jeans, Vintage Pocket Watch by PhieGarage, my Mom's Fladeo Black Heels
I'm more into local fashion designers lately. I think there are a lot of young Indonesian Fashion Designers that are so much promising and no doubt that I would prefer on having their products than imported ones. Just saying. You can check on them to see what I mean by clicking on some of the image links on the left sidebar of this page.

Birthday Bro

January 28th is my brother's birthday. Our family has this special habit of celebrating. We celebrate everything, including (mostly) our birthdays. The point of the celebration would probably be about gratitude, to really express our appreciation and gratitude  for everything we've been going through on our past moments in life. To celebrate life.

We would usually order pizza or I would make any kind of Italian dish for these occassions, but this time we were all too busy and my Mom was craving to have McDonalds' special yearly menu, Beef Prosperity. So we order McDonalds last night and had the fullest junk food meal of our life.

don't we all loooove junk food?

This is my brother and that's how he got that belly XD

Happy birthday, little brother. Hope everything you do will give you more prosperity in life. Have fun in Singapore!! *saying with envy*

Waiting On You

[Sun Airway - Waiting On You]

Don't go down so gently into those deep wells;
remember your knees in the wet grass.
I know we've been so lost and torn up
in forests so solemn with regret and sorrow.
Reach for my, reach for my, reach for my hands;
they're seldom so open and reckless with hope—
more often with caution stead fast to the rope.
I've never seen myself so graceful and light;
asleep deep in each other's memories tonight.

I'm just waiting on you to bring yourself to justice.
Forget about the past—it's all wet and rusted.
I'm just waiting on you to know we've been discovered,
that what we've been's been uncovered.
I'm just waiting on you.

Don't go down so gently into those deep wells.
We cast shadows past in those wounded fields
and something seems so awfully awry in the meadow:
a silence that creeps through the dead grass.

Reach for my, reach for my, reach for my hands
they're icy as sheets in the stiff night.
We whisper with tales of defeats
and wild days behind us so ragged and weak
while desperation seeps through the wide sky we'll speak
with the other's each others so sunken, so deep,
alone but together we've emptied our dreams
on the floor of this New York apartment we creep
through a darkness we never we thought we would see.
You're heartbeat and shirt sleeves, your hair on my cheek.
I'd die now if only it were up to me.

I'm guessing we wandered to close to the water.
The current's been sweeping us in.

I'm just waiting on you to bring yourself to justice.
Forget about the past—it's all wet and rusted.
I'm just waiting on you to know we've been discovered,
that what we've been's been uncovered.

I'm just waiting on you to let go of sharp objects
and keep those hands kept in context.
I'm just waiting on you to breathe without permission,
acutely drawn with precision.
I'm just waiting on you.

I'm guessing we wandered to close to the water.
The current's been sweeping us in.

thanks for the video, hon....ti amo..

Tuesday Only For Me

Tuesday was payment day. I had two very tiring and boring days this early week and decided that I might need some "me" time to refresh myself. I couldn't decide what to do but when I look at myself at the mirror I noticed how awful my hair really looked, since I haven't gone to any beauty salon for almost half a year, so I decided to get myself a haircut right after work.

I got off work at 5 PM then walked to Senayan City, which is not so far from my office (I actually go pass in front of it on my way home everyday). I went straight to the ATM to get my payment of the month and managed to get a "little snack" at Burger King to get rid of the headache I've had that day (I guess I was just hungry).

Itadakimasu....! :D
After the meal I rushed upstairs to Johnny Andrean and get my hair done. My hair is already so much longer than before, which I always made to a little bun when I go to work, and my bangs are ridicolously so messed up that they always cover my whole face whatever I do. I love how my hair looks right now, it still has its original length (the hairstylist only cut the end a bit about an inch long) but now I have layers and this very cute bangs.

Before - the long bangs and little bun
After - cute bangs and layers! my hair looks thicker...(finally)
After the haircut I went to Debenhams and bought some new lingeries. I can't give you the whole pic, though. Haha..

Alright, I give you the price tag..
I also got some new accessories which are very very amazing. I got this vintage pocket watch that I've been wanting for so long and a vintage camera necklace, all from PhieGarage.

What I wear: unbranded purple tanktop and vintage white-gray stripes cropped blazer I bought on a garage sale at La Piazza, Vintage Pocket Watch and Vintage Camera necklace by PhieGarage.

The Story of A (Beautiful) Dance

[Contemporary dance by Jill and Jacob - Live To Dance audition]

I saw this the other day, from watching Live To Dance show that was aired on StarWorld. The couple catched my attention most immediately and made me almost completely on tears when I saw them dance.

Both dancers are amazing, and the dance itself - the beautiful movement, the story behind the dance and how the dance tells the whole story perfectly - is thrilling and absolutely breathtaking. They - and their story - are beautiful. My heart completely goes to the pair. I can't wait to see them dance again.

Releasing: My Pettite Shoppe!!

On the process of re-arranging my bedroom, I opened up my wardrobe and found a lot of stuff in it that I never really wear. I even found some of them that I've never wear (even once) eversince I bought them. I put them in boxes and split them to groups. I gave some for charity, and others for my younger relatives.

I've been planning to hold a small garage sale to sell the other items, that are still in mint condition or un-worn but never find the right time or place to do so. So I finally decided to do it online!!

So, here it goes....

I'm releasing my own small online shop, at In that special blog I will post any stuff that I can sell or giveaway. And since the blog itself would probably need frequent updates, so later on I won't be just selling pre-owned stuff and secondhand items, but also some of my own designs or any limited items that I found and sell-able.

I'm also offering to anyone who wants to sell any interesting stuff (probably pre-owned/secondhand items) to send it to me so I could spare a space to sell them out also.

Just go and make a short visit (click on the link above or under the image below, or hit on one of the tab under the blog title). Wish me luck for the shop and don't forget to contact me later :)


[Ian Axel - This is The New Year]

"We are the voices....This is the new year"

I just wanna say,