Saturday Night with Sade

It has been almost a full week that I stayed on bed because of my neverending sickness. But today I finally got out off bed and had a whole day out with my mother and my cousin, Sade. It all started the night before, when Sade - who just recently moved to Jakarta and started working not far from where I work - texted me and told me that she is also sick and lonely at her boarding house where she lives not far from her new office. So when I felt much better myself this morning, I agreed to go with my mother to pick her up so she can stay at our house along the weekend.

After we picked up Sade from her boarding house, we went along with my mother to Menteng, since she was invited to this small meeting that was arranged by my Aunt Arini, the mother of my cousin Aisya who just got married last week. The meeting was held as a small celebration for the success of the whole wedding ceremony. We managed to stop by at Sabang Street first beforehand to have some donuts and hot chocolate as a snack since we got to Menteng way too early before the meeting started.

The small meeting eventually last longer than we expected, since Aunt Arini insisted to treat everyone who came at her house today for dinner at Gandy Steak House in Menteng. So I didn't had the chance to meet my boyfriend tonight, which is kind of dissapointing. But then my mother took Sade and I to La Piazza before we went home, so we actually did had a fun time tonight. Oh, I also love the outfit that I wore today, it's a new piece by Sonia Eryka Moe that I just received quite recently.

Sade seems like she had a great time tonight

What I wear:
Batik Print Jumpsuit from RIOTOUS! by Sonia Eryka Moe, Jeans Blazer from Amnesia, Black Leather Boots from Rotelli, coin necklace by Tunik

Well, I'm really tired and should probably get to sleep now. Hope I'll have another great day tomorrow. And I miss my much....

Good nite, everyone...


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