Kota Tua - Sunday Day Out

Last Sunday I went to Kota Tua (in English the place is called "The Old Batavia"), the most exciting part of Jakarta, that has a lot of interesting old buildings and really antique streets. I went there with my boyfriend/future husband, Dika, and met with our old friends, Tyo and Hindi. It was Hindi who set out the whole date that day, since her cousin Ajeng wanted to practice her skill in modeling photography, so Hindi asked Tyo and the two of us to come that day to help them along. Ajeng took a friend of hers to be our model for the day.

It was a hot day and i wasn't feeling so well. But spending the day walking along Kota Tua and taking pictures of us and the model felt so great. I'm happy and proud to be in love with such a talented man. All of the pics was taken by myself and Dika (well, most of them are Dika's (: )


  1. and i love hindi's fool-face!!!!hahaha!!!

  2. hahaha I miss taking pictures with Hindi...she's hilarious!!! :D


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