Friday = (all) Work + (little) Play

Today's regular activites. Late morning. Project meetings. Busy. Dozens of work to do and finish. Bored. Online games. Traditional menu for lunch. Busy again. Boredom. Chat with boyfriend. Autocad. Google Sketchup. (Just) Google. Tumblr. Got off work late. The exhausting walk home. Fx Centre. Traffic jam.

Stopped by at Fx Centre on my way home from work to visit Mazee and look for some interior items for my bedroom since I'm planning to re-decorate my disasterous bedroom soon. Found a lot of interesting things which is quite affordable to buy. I'll probably be starting to shop for them next week, right after I manage to find a nice wallpaper or a unique wall paint color - and, uhm - make sure that I have enough budget for it. And then ended up on a Blogger Yard Sale which was held at the spot tonight. It was crowded but fun. So many low priced secondhanded fahionable items sold by some of local fashion bloggers.

And there was also an interesting exhibition by the students of UNSW (The University of New South Wales, Australia), mostly from graphic design and advertising. They really are creative.

I love the ruffles on my new blouse :)

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