2010 Memorabilia

Heading to the final week of the 2010 I decided to list down some of the amazing moments and a lot of experience that I had from this year. Let's start...

I resigned. I've been working in an architecture firm for 18 months when I realized...it's time to move on. Got back at my own interest in photography and fashion. Been quite active with Jong Arsitek. Started writing again.

Got a new job. I actually wanted to work as a freelance designer/photographer but then realized that I still need a lot to prepare for it, so I got myself a new job at another architecture firm, which is where I'm working still.
Placebo's concert. Had a chance to attend meet&greet and had a photoshoot with them, then had the time of my life in their amazing concert. Unbelievable!!


The proposal. The man that had been my dearest best friend for the last 7 years took me to this small coffee corner at the mall and gave out this huge question, "Should we or should we not?"
Spent the next whole week to gather any courage I had in my heart to make that leap. Best friends do make best lovers. I love him.
Jong Arsitek's 2nd birthday. Got new friends and found old friends.
What we have now

April - May
Most of my activities relates only to work and any events held on the behalf of Jong Arsitek. And dating... Finding more into my man's mind and him to mine.

June - July
New Camera (actually my brother and I gathered money for it, he then used the new one and I use the old one that we have). Got more into photography. Jong Arsitek's national exhibition. It was a success.

Jong Arsitek family @ The Young Architects National Exhibition

My mom's birthday. The first fasting I celebrate with my boyfriend. His birthday. I made some Italian dish for his birthday. He doesn't like celebrating it though, but at least he loved the dinner :)

Our first Idul Fitri together. Had a chance to travel by my own to join my boyfriend at his hometown. I met almost all the members of his family. I met his loving mother, his older sisters, his brother in law who was really nice to me, his older brother and his kind wife, and also his nephews and nieces...all nine of them! I fell in love to all of them at the first sight (I hope they do too). Went to Solo and finally back to my family's house which I missed so much. Met our old friends and had a short tour in the city.
An amazing journey.

Our little reunion

Had another wonderful journey. Had my 27th birthday....away from home, away from my family and my lover (HATE IT!!)
But at this month I suddenly realized...I've grown older, not only physically but also mentally. And at this point I started to keep reminding myself...it's really time to put my own ego aside.
At the end of this month, the Merapi Mountain erupted.

Had the early weeks of this month full of tension since the eruption of Merapi got worse. There was so many natural disaster that happened at the same time accross Indonesia but Merapi was the main concern of mine and my boyfriend's. Because it was so much closer to our hometown. We were both in Jakarta but Muntilan, his hometown, is located so close to Merapi (Solo is not so far away but the city was in safe distance). We got awake almost 24 hours a day until the whole eruption ended, listening to volunteers' radio to make sure that his home would be safe. We got so worried one time (and I was practically in tears) when we couldn't contact his mother or his sister. I still thank God that everyone was safe.
Mt. Merapi

More on writings. More photo huntings. My boyfriend and I released our photoblog. I moved out from my boarding house and starting to live back with my parents to safe more money and be closer to my boyfriend. Designed new layout for my bedroom...which the re-arranging process is still on-going (I'll get back to you on that when it's finished..hope soon). Got a lot new friends from my blog (hello, followers!!). Got to know (and even meet) some amazing people from the fashion industry, from both local and international, through internet and also real life.
So much opportunity came to me and my boyfriend even as I am writing this. Can't wait to see how they'd go through.

Well, the year of 2010 has been a total rollercoaster for me. I had fun, I laughed about a lot of things, got hurt and got back up, fell in love and found a lot more amazing things throughout the year that was so memorable. Still can't believe a year has passed. I still have a lot of things in mind, a lot of plans for myself and my life. And I'm more determined than ever to really try to reach them one by one.

But for now....
Addio, 2010!! See you again on 2011!!


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