Introducing: Sarasvatī - Story Of Peter

"Terkadang perpisahan menjadi pintu yang sempurna untuk sebuah kelahiran kedua."
(Felix Dass) (1)

Sarasvatī is Risa Saraswati, a new aspiring singer/song writer who pursue a solo career using her Sanskrit name, Sarasvatī (सरस्वती).

Risa Saraswati - who had previously sang for Bandung, Indonesia synthpop band Homogenic - has recently parted with the band that had risen her to fame. And now she is independently sharing her own work, producing her own EP which affirmed her determination on the music industry.

Story Of Peter is the mini album which she produced by herself with her full passion on music.

“Ini saatnya saya mengeluarkan isi kepala yang sebenarnya belum tentu bisa dipahami oleh orang lain. Sendiri adalah jalan terbaik untuk menyalurkannya,”
says Risa on Story of Peter. (2)

The main (and first) single, Story of Peter, shows a lot of voice range that she has. The single also stated that Sarasvatī is a newcomer in Indonesian music industry that should be regarded, heard and enjoyed with deep level of expectations.

Sarasvatī also unite the two contrary music poles; i.e. The singles Story of Peter and Fighting Club, represents western music which she adapts greatly through series of her listening and translating on music. While on her single Bilur, she mixed traditional music elements which actually have a very large role in the foundation of her personal music taste.

“Sedari kecil saya hidup di lingkungan seni, lahir diantara keluarga yang mempelajari kebudayaan daerah, menghabiskan masa kecil dengan menonton pertunjukan seni budaya daerah di mana keluarga saya tampil” (3)

Photo by Dimas Wisnuwardono

And Story of Peter itself, actually is a dedication for her childhood bestfriend which is actually quite difficult to understand by ordinary people.

“Peter adalah teman masa kecil saya. Notabene, dia adalah mahluk tidak kasat mata yang tinggal di rumah saya pada saat itu. Saya menghabiskan banyak waktu bersamanya dan dia punya peran cukup besar untuk membentuk karakter saya menjadi seperti sekarang ini. Album ini didedikasikan untuknya,”
says Risa on background of the album making. (4)

Risa's most important asset as Sarasvatī is the beautiful angelic voice that is inherent gracefully within her. This is what other Risa's fans - especially those who have been following her success story eversince Homogenic - would probably most agree with. Nevertheless, the way she wrote her songs is also something that is out of common, since she doesn't start her song writing with any music instruments, other than her magical voice only.

“Idenya muncul begitu saja, saat sedang bersenandung asal-asalan. Tiba-tiba menemukan nada-nada yang menurut saya ok. Saat itulah muncul keinginan untuk menuntaskan nada-nada selanjutnya menjadi sebuah lagu.” (5)

Other than the unique way of her song writing, the album Story of Peter also included two cover version songs that once again proven her remarkable personal taste and technical skills. She chosen the songs Question from Space Astronaut - another electronic synthpop band from Bandung, Indonesia and also Perjalanan, which is a song from Indonesian legendary duet, Franky and Jane.

The whole album Story of Peter itself in my own opinion is a masterpiece that totally deserves much apreciation, showing and proving Risa's ability in making her own music, sharing her own idea in a perfect package. Listening through the singles in the album we would be taken on a journey - a journey to the past, present and future - of the life, dreams and magical stories of Sarasvatī.

Such divine passion towards knowledge, art, and particularly music, is conveyed through songs and lyrics, with passages after passages, words by words Risa shares her eternal experience of pursuing happiness, with you.

Her spiritual journey, her quest for perfection, and many simple, negligible, unimportant whatnot.

This is Sarasvatī. Enjoy the truthful music from Risa Saraswati.

Track List:
1.Story of Peter
2.Cut and paste
4.Fighting Club
6.Oh I Never Know

If you would like to listen to one of her magical tunes, click to download here:

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(1) "Sometimes the perfect farewell is to the door to a second birth."

(2) “This is the time for me to express all the ideas in my head that can't necessarily be understood easily by others. Working on it on my own would be the best way to do it”

(3) "I had lived in the art environment since childhood, born in a family which studied on regional culture, spent my childhood by watching local arts and cultural performances where my family whould appear"

(4) "Peter was my childhood friend. Unsurprisingly, he was the invisible creatures that lived in my house at the time. I spent most of my time with him and he's got a big role to shape the character that I am now. This album is dedicated to him"

(5) "The idea would just appear, while singing tunes carelessly. Suddenly I'd find tunes that I think is okay. At that moment then came the desire to complete further notes into a song."

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