The Sneak of The Peak

Here's another sneak peak of our pre-wedding photoshoot process. 
Having a brother who is extremely busy makes us hard to have a certain time to do all of the work in an instance, but since I insisted that he has to be the one to take our pre-wedding pictures, so all we could do is steal some of his free time - whenever he is available - to go out just the three of us and have a full day of photoshoot.

We had our second photoshoot a few weeks ago, at Suropati Park and Cikini. It was fun and the pictures came out great. But now we realize that we actually do need a personal stylist and choreographer, seriously.


Photographer: Dimas Wisnuwardono
Photoshoot location: Suropati Park, some of the cafes on Cikini
Properties: all cameras are our own collection, except for the Rolleiflex which belongs to Rio.
What we wear: Dika-Plaid Shirt by Bloop, Thrifted Jeans bought at Pasar Senen and thrifted shoes from Jogja // Dita-flower tube dress by Colorbox, old Jeans jacket bought at highschool (I forgot where), shoes by Bonvieux.


  1. Sini aku bikinin scrapbook buat dipasang di meja tamu saat wedding-mu nanti :)


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