Singapoh! (part 3)

Day 3

The last day part of the tour was a special free day for all. And again I re-group with the same team as the day before to went out to IKEA and had an extra shopping for goods there. Going out with the public transportation was fun.

We got back at the hotel at almost time for all the group to gather for the last time before going to the airport. But since we noticed that we still had time to catch a local ice cream from a street cadger that is located at the traffic light corner right in front of Takashimaya Dept. Store. So what we did was, we walked as fast as we can (with a little bit of sprint running) from our hotel right after we finished packing our stuff towards Takashimaya which was about 4 traffic lights intersections away, bought the ice cream, ate it while walking faster (and more sprinting) back to the hotel, and finished eating them right at the exact time as we got to the hotel again and got up to the bus. Ridiculously fun and full of adrenaline rush haha...

And the whole walking extra fast and sprinting didn't end there. We re-joined the others and went straight to Changi airport. Right after passing immigration and heading to boarding room our boss contacted one of us and insisted to show us the airport terminal where he is at, which was much bigger and much more exciting than where we were. So the four of us (the same team as yesterday and the ice-cream hunt) rushed out from the boarding room to the other terminal by Skytrain, meet our boss and had a short tour where he showed us the amazing designs and all the facilities that were provided. We timed our meet for no longer than 40 minutes, so right after we rushed back, got on the skytrain and walked faster back to boarding room. I'm even tired just by picturing the whole thing all over again. *sigh* *inhale-exhale*


Cute things in IKEA :)

Salmon for lunch at IKEA's cafetaria :)

The amazing details in Changi airport
Waiting for the skytrain

Anyway, it was only about an hour later when we finally got onboard the airplane, and we landed at CGK at about 9 PM that night. And such a coincidence that my dad had just landed an hour earlier from Solo so we got to go home together.

It was a fun short trip and tiring. The next day was Friday and the last message our boss gave us that NO ONE could skip work that day so we all got back to work as instructed the next morning. I can't wait to go on a travel again. This was a good start for 2012.

All photos were taken by myself (with Canon 350D and Nokie E63), my work-mates Rio, Eko and Mbak Dede, and of course, our boss.
Documentation courtesy belongs to the company.

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