Singapoh! (part 1)

On the last week of January, the company I am working at held a 3 days outing tour to Singapore. There were 20 people that went on the tour alongside our boss, with a couple of field-workers that got tagged along since they were actually had to go to Singapore to do some work on one of our company's project.

It was a short but fun trip. And since it wasn't a private travelling agenda for me so I'm gonna share you some pics and just a round up story. I'm going to post for the story in 3 parts.

Day 1

We left extra early in the morning to catch the first flight leaving Jakarta to Singapore with Lion Air. It was around 3 AM when the whole team gathered at our office to go by bus to the airport. It was still early when we landed on Singapore that we had some time to rest and had breakfast before starting on the tour.

We went with some crew of the travel agent that helped us, so the first day as part of the 3 days tour was planned totally for shopping spree. We stopped by at Merlion first to had some photoshoot and then went to the Chinatown, Bugis Street, Mustafa Center at Little India and this super chocolate shop where I bought some special package for my fiance.

Arrived at Changi

In front of our tour bus
The whole tour member of our company.
The man with the sunglasses in the middle is our boss.
In front of Merlion.
This was taken by our boss with his new camera. The sun was extremely hot that I couldn't keep my eyes open.

With the female co-workers (which aren't many)

In front of orange trees :)

The wishing tree.
It was still at the peak of celebrating Chinese New Year so we could find similar trees everywhere.

Myself, in front of the temple in Chinatown
(--to be continued--)

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