Singapoh! (part 2)

Day 2

We got up early for breakfast at the hotel and re-group early that morning for the next tour. The second part of the tour was going to Universal Studios. We spent the whole full day having fun and touring in the area. Since we did have a 'special homework' on learning all the architectures in Singapore, we paid much attention on the details in the Studio. Everything, the details, designs and the rides was amazing. And we did have fun.

My friends and I got separated with the whole group and went searching for different rides and stuff in a small group of four. This little team then sort of went adventuring alone in Singapore from that time onwards. The tour on Sentosa Island ended by watching the beautiful performance of Songs of The Sea.

Photo in front of the globe

Entering the fun
Receiving instructions from our tour guide before having fun

Rio and I, with the crew of Water Worlds

Shopping cute things for my fiance and family :)

Lining up for Transformers - The Ride

The details are insane

We tried. Hard. *sigh*


A walk down on Merlion Park, Sentosa Island, on our way to Songs of the Sea

Later that night I joined some of my workmates (the whole architect team) to had a night tour. We went to Marina Bay and took a long walk around Esplanade area, and went back to our hotel at Orchard Road around midnight.

Yes, of course I brought little Terry with me :)

BBQ Squid. yummmm :p

Oh, and look who's having a specially great time :)

Little Terry with his camera ;))

(--to be continued--)

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