Dissapointment is probably the one thing that many people would find in the middle of finding a way on reaching dreams and fulfilling hopes. I've had a lot of hopes, dreams, goals in life that I want to reach, but probably not that too ambitious about it and I try my best to compromise everytime there is anything in life that I met that would lead me to different directions.

But regarding to is always so hard for me to do so. Thousands of ideas are roaming inside my head waiting to come out and I've been waiting patiently while working hard to fulfill them one by one, a step at a time.  And most of the time when someone try to "kill" those ideas, my heart just crushed with dissapointment. I am really, in fact, so sad right now for facing this again, at the very important time of my life.

I've faced this so many times, back when I was still studying in college. No one other than us, students of design, should know how hard our days in college are (or were). We had to be always so creative, always to come up with new ideas, new design, new concept that we could actually work on and create them in real life, but it was always hard to convince people (and out tutors) about our ideas and it was hard to make it all happen. But I guess that's how I fell in love with what I am doing.

It is getting closer to the most important day of my life (me and my fiance, that is) and it's getting extremely easy for me to get frustrated, stressed out and incredibly panic...about everything. And I guess this is only one part of it all. Hope things will go through as I hope it would be in the end.

Anyway, my fiance and I are going to leave this super busy big city for a few days. Just a part of our big  preparations. See you all soon with more tales on travelling and more photos. Cheerios and hope all of you are well.


All pictures were taken by Wahyu Adi Pramardika with Olympus Pen ees-2
Locations: (1) Plaza Indonesia - Transjakarta Shelter Bunderan Indonesia (2) Bekasi Square (3) Bakrie Tower Kuningan - Semanggi Intersection


  1. we all know, that is the common human feelings, so cheer up soon, dear.. :)

    designing is a really interesting things. So don't try too hard, just do it with your happy heart, and ofcourse ideas will flow.
    you great dear. :)

    ah ya, I just started my scrapbook business, dear.. Take a look the catalog on my blog and order it if you're interested. :)


    1. Thanks a lot, dear....good luck on your new business ;)


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