Travel Log. Solo Euphoria #Part2

Sunday Morning. The second day of our trip started quite early. We planned to have street photo hunting along the streets of Solo City. We gathered on that cloudy morning at Pasar Gedhe, where we then parked our motorcycles and left them there while we walked to the main streets together. We stayed awhile to have our breakfast at the local wedangan and had some chats before we started the day. After the morning meal and chats we took some photos around Pasar Gedhe, but just as we started the day's hunting the rain started to fall. We then ran inside the Pasar Gedhe market to shelter in.

As the rain started to fall harder we got deepeer into the market and finally started our photo hunting inside. It was kinda hard for me and my boyfriend to do so since all we had with us was our vintage analogue cameras and a plastic pocket camera which needed more light than any other cameras. But we did managed to get good shoots.

After the rain had stopped we finally left the market and headed out to the actual street photo hunting, taking a lot of photos of the objects we met along our way towards Solo City Walk, Slamet Riyadi.
The photo hunting went really well and so much fun, despite the fact that our friend Ade sort of broke his Fisheye camera and my stockings were ripped for being caught in my own shoes (I know, I'm a clutz). And the rest of the long walk at the City Walk was full of not only photo takings, but we also stopped at almost on every corner we got to for sitting down and joke around, to fill up the morningpaper's crosswords that Kesit took with him, or to buy some local snacks and light meal, like Srabi Solo, Lekker cake, and even Baso (I think we ate more than taking pictures).

We made a final stop at the street of Ngarsopuro and visited the Triwindu market (we also went here last holiday). I tried to find some antiques to buy and bring home with, like an antique jewelry box or traditional games or anything interesting things that I can put in my room but couldn't find any that I really like and have a good price for. Even if I did find anything it would be too big for us to bring home with us by train. One of our junior at campus, Agra, came to joined us at this point and also Iin, who came to joined Kenthus (who is, although they never really published the case, her boyfriend).

It was already really late at the afternoon when we finished taking pics at the Triwindu Market that we continued our walk to Jalan Raden Saleh, the smaller street near Mangkunegaran Palace, that would brought us back to Pasar Gedhe through a different route and made another stop. We had our late lunch together at local traditional diner (which I couldn't remember what the name was). Just when we started our meal the rain started to fall again (whatta day, huh?). When we finished the meal and the whole joking around and silly conversations started again, some other of our juniors from campus who are also members of the Photography Club joined us and made the afternoon became much more crowded.

Just as the rain slowly stopped we continued our way back to Pasar Gedhe and then went on to our separate ways. The others went back to the boarding house while my boyfriend and I went back to our house in Sambeng. We waited until nighttime when my boyfriend took me along to Kopi Saung near campus for his meetings with his mates to talk about his long-postponed business. I left early just about past midnight, made a stop to Prau for a late supper and went home with my boyfriend. He later went back to the meeting right after. The next day we went to hangout at our campus. We all sort of agreed to take a special day off on that Monday to visit our campus, and we did. Not many pictures were taken then, but we had so much fun meeting a lot of old friends and the nice canteen lady that also took care of us all back then. My boyfriend  and I went back to Jakarta that night with Senja Utama and we immediately went back to work only a few hours after our arrival at the big city. Can't wait to be back to Solo again.

*Update : well, it turns out that we do have some photos of being on campus, but they are so blurry and dark. We were taking pictures with our analogue cameras only so this is all we got :p

(more photos of our trip see here)

What I wear: Velvet dress, Stripes Chelsea Cardigan by CottonInkunbranded tights and flats, my mom's old vintage bag.
Cameras: my boyfriend's Android phone camera, Olympus Pen ees-2, Yashica GSN Electro

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