My "Me" Time

Last Friday was probably one of the busiest day at work. The day started with an early meeting at the project and followed by a series of speed drawing, revising and printing some technical drawings, consulting with co-workers, and everything else. I've been working on some interior designing lately and one of my projects was about making a children playhouse, which is quite a lot of fun.
I decided to make some stops on my way home later that day, visiting Senayan City and Plaza Indonesia to survey some interior items at some interior supplier branches while trying to get some things useful for myself. And ended up buying some of these things.

I stopped by at Aksara Bookstore at Plaza Indonesia to get some books and accessories. And I finally bought a book written by Avianti Armand, a young female architect who also is a very talented writer. It's really unfortunate of me that I missed her earlier book, Negeri Para Peri, but I did get her latest release, Perempuan Yang Dihapus Namanya. Her writings are amazing.

I've been needing a mouse-pad for quite sometime, since the surface of my worktable is not really smooth enough for my mouse to work well. I got this really cute mouse-pad at Senayan City. And it's really cheap also. The bunny is adorable haha.

I always adore IKEA for any home and office products and have been recommending them a lot for any interior projects. And when my boss told me about MUJI, a branch of similar concept originally from Japan, opened their store at Plaza Indonesia, quite made some interest of me that I always wanting to have a visit. 
Visiting MUJI was addictive, everything they have in the store was so lovable and affordable that I actually made some of my own choses of furniture pieces to buy for myself. I didn't shop at all that night since I haven't find my own place, but they are totally recommended.

I always love reading books. Any kind of them. But hardly ever find any spare time to do so lately. So I've been trying to squeeze in some of "my" time at the middle of work or any time that I can manage. Here are some of the books that I'm currently reading. The Man Who Was Thursday by G.K. Chesterton and Night and Day by Virgina Woolf. I haven't really finished reading them so I can't tell you much about them, but they really are helping me to relax a bit each time in the middle of a hectic day. Both of these books are actually belong to my boyfriend. I kind of find them in the middle of some of his belongings that he left in my bedroom.

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  1. HAI,

    saya fifi dari Malaysia. Bisa ngak kamu scan-copy kan buku perempuan yang dihapus namanya itu?
    Ngaak ada peluang untuk membelinya. Anyway, contact saya di

    Jangan khuatir, saya cuma mahu baca bukan menjual secara tidak sah.


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