Interior Inspiration: Children Study Spaces

I have been working on interior projects lately and some of them involves on children bedrooms and playhouses. And since I rarely ever had such experience on working for children before, I needed a little extra brainstroming on collecting any ideas that might help. After collecting some inspirations that actually helped me on my work, I decided to share some of them. 
These photos aren't my work but they are my main inspirations on the project. So let me share them to you while adding some tips (well, consider this being my diary so this post would also be my personal notes that might help - not only for the readers but also for myself in the future).

Colors. Children and teenagers tend to have some fresh and colorful which can make them more energetic in doing their activities. Add colorful furniture or decorations in their room to create more spirit and happy feeling. The impact of fresh and colorful view in the room can motivate them to study and do other positive activities.

Walls and corners. Children and teenagers can get distracted easily. Creating their private space by facing the walls or the corners of the room might help them have the privacy they needed to concentrate on studying. But remember to give enough lighting on the study space so the child's eye won't get exhausted too quickly by forcing themselves to study and read in the dark or having less light.
Or you could just place the study desk right under the window. The fresh light are healthy and safe for children's eyes and the view they can get from looking out the window could help them get rid of their boredom of facing books all the time.

Motivations. Placing pictures or motivating texts could help create more spirit for the children to study more. And also can motivate them to be creative on their activities.

Lights. Again, lighting is important. Make sure the room have enough lighting for the comfort of the eyes when they are doing their activities. Or just place the study desk right where the room's lighting is most appropriate for studying or doing activites.

Photo Source: PBteen

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