Nikicio Mixte Vol. 06: Untitled Launching Night

One of the most exciting time I had this month was the launcing night of my favorite local fashion brand, NIKICIO for their new collection, MIXTE VOL.06: Untitled. This is probably my most favorite collection that they ever launched, EVER!!! The whole items in the collection were inspired by the movie "Inception", giving a collection of all black, drapery, layered, loose and imaginative design which I adore so badly (I actually had made a short review of the collection here).

I went to The Goods Dept. that night immediately after work. I brought my camera but sadly the batteries failed to charge, so I ended up using my phone camera to get the pictures for the night. Sorry for the low quality and blurry images. Hope I'll get better pictures next time :(

Nina Nikicio gave an amazing presentation to introduce the whole collection, giving some instructions for the new collection and how to have fun with the imaginary designs. She also shared every stories on how she came up with the ideas for the designs and every single piece was so irresistable!! The presentation of the night ended with everyone starting to shop for every pieces available. 

Nina Nikicio at her presentation
NIKICIO's booth @ The Goods Dept. Plaza Indonesia

Nina Nikicio between the models
See more of the collection on the website here, or their facebook page.

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