Current Love: Ruche

"a vintage inspired boutique with a modern touch"
Found a new love on fashion lately via online, and it is Ruche.

Ruche is a collaboration of  fashion, photography, design, and lifestyle. Created and designed in 2008 by Mai Olivo and Josh Olivo, this fashion brand offers a variety of simple - yet so adorable - vintage styled fashion items, from clothing, shoes, and accessories, which they design themselves with a modern touch and colors. And of course, in reasonable prices (which I couldn't find much easier lately). And the most lovable thing that you can find in their website is not only the designs, but also the breathtaking pictures on their lookbooks. I can't describe you how much I can always admire their website from time and time again just by looking at the pictures.

This summer, Ruche is launching their new collection, called "Sunlit Serenity". The whole concept of the design is all about simplicity, soft and breezy texture, floral motives and soft earthly colors, which are comfortable to wear (and see) on summer. The beautiful designs are so mesmerizing that I couldn't stop adding items on my wishlist. The lookbook itself are (as usual) so breathtaking. Using the theme of "serene moments" on the pictures for the lookbook, showing the warm feeling of summer, holidays, and nature beauty, it is deffinitely impossible not to fall in love with the whole collection.

And as I said, I already have a wishlist of my own :)

Check out and see the rest of their collection and the amazing lookbook through the link below:

Have an enjoyable summer :)


  1. Thanks so much, for sharing the story of your grandmother on my previous blogpost. It was amazing to feel that we are all having one thin line of story that connect us together in some way, which is just embracing...
    I'm grateful to have your wishes. Thank you again :)

    Shop Ruche is awesome, I've once won a giveaway from them and that was the first crush I ever had on any online shop... If only the shipping cost won't be that annoying!

  2. wow their lookbook photos look gorgeous!!!:) love the dresses!



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