Sunflares Plethora Giveaway

Happy belated birthday to one of my favorite local bloggers, miss Claradevi from Sunflares Plethora. Claradevi is one of Indonesian fashion bloggers with amazing taste on classic and vintage look, who is also happens to be the owner of my favorite fashion brand, {bon.vieux}.

Celebrating her 22nd birthday, the beautiful fashion goddess is also throwing a birthday giveaway, sharing these little babies for those lucky bloggers and followers.

For those who are interested to join in, please read this post for more info. And i'm happy to say that I'm also joining in *chuckles*. Wish me luck, guys :)

Lastly, I just wanna say:
Happy Birthday, miss Claradevi. Wishing you all the best and blissfull life. And enjoy the magnificent age of 22 :)


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