JongArsitek! @ IMAJI Design Weeks

It's been awhile since the last time I updated my blog. Sorry for the quite long hiatus. Being busy probably won't be a good excuse for it, I just haven't got enough time (and the mood) to write any. Anyway, I've been on some interesting activities lately. One of them I had with JongArsitek! on the beginning of May.

On May 4th, JongArsitek! was invited to hold a special presentation on an event held by IMAJI Books Publishing along with Studio Imelda Akmal Architectural Writer (IAAW Studio) and Sonny Sandjaya Photography. The event was called “IMAJI DESIGN WEEKS”, held from April 28th to may 12th, 2011 at F4 Cone FX Plaza, Jakarta.

The event was actually a series of events involving Indonesian creative communities that are active in any kind of activies regarding on design and architecture. The event was also held as a grand launching of the book “50 INDONESIAN HOUSES & VILLAS” compiled by IAAW Studio and also an opening of a photography exhibition entitled “Every House Tells a Story”, presenting the paradox on Indonesian contemporary housing by Sonny Sandjaya and cultural dialog “Makna Sebuah Rumah” with Iwan Meulia Pirous, Director of Indonesian Anthropology.

At the presentation, JongArsitek! had the privilege of sharing and presenting all of the works and activities that have been held JongArsitek! for the past few years as a community that are joined by many local young architects, associated with the development of Indonesian architecture. The later discussion, which was joined by many members of local creative communities and personnels of IAAW Studio, also talked about JongArsitek!'s part in the local architecture development itself, which then joined by Imelda Akmal herself who gave us many input of ideas to work with. More on the activities on JongArsitek!'s website here.

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