Tuesday Only For Me

Tuesday was payment day. I had two very tiring and boring days this early week and decided that I might need some "me" time to refresh myself. I couldn't decide what to do but when I look at myself at the mirror I noticed how awful my hair really looked, since I haven't gone to any beauty salon for almost half a year, so I decided to get myself a haircut right after work.

I got off work at 5 PM then walked to Senayan City, which is not so far from my office (I actually go pass in front of it on my way home everyday). I went straight to the ATM to get my payment of the month and managed to get a "little snack" at Burger King to get rid of the headache I've had that day (I guess I was just hungry).

Itadakimasu....! :D
After the meal I rushed upstairs to Johnny Andrean and get my hair done. My hair is already so much longer than before, which I always made to a little bun when I go to work, and my bangs are ridicolously so messed up that they always cover my whole face whatever I do. I love how my hair looks right now, it still has its original length (the hairstylist only cut the end a bit about an inch long) but now I have layers and this very cute bangs.

Before - the long bangs and little bun
After - cute bangs and layers! my hair looks thicker...(finally)
After the haircut I went to Debenhams and bought some new lingeries. I can't give you the whole pic, though. Haha..

Alright, I give you the price tag..
I also got some new accessories which are very very amazing. I got this vintage pocket watch that I've been wanting for so long and a vintage camera necklace, all from PhieGarage.

What I wear: unbranded purple tanktop and vintage white-gray stripes cropped blazer I bought on a garage sale at La Piazza, Vintage Pocket Watch and Vintage Camera necklace by PhieGarage.

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