Releasing: My Pettite Shoppe!!

On the process of re-arranging my bedroom, I opened up my wardrobe and found a lot of stuff in it that I never really wear. I even found some of them that I've never wear (even once) eversince I bought them. I put them in boxes and split them to groups. I gave some for charity, and others for my younger relatives.

I've been planning to hold a small garage sale to sell the other items, that are still in mint condition or un-worn but never find the right time or place to do so. So I finally decided to do it online!!

So, here it goes....

I'm releasing my own small online shop, at In that special blog I will post any stuff that I can sell or giveaway. And since the blog itself would probably need frequent updates, so later on I won't be just selling pre-owned stuff and secondhand items, but also some of my own designs or any limited items that I found and sell-able.

I'm also offering to anyone who wants to sell any interesting stuff (probably pre-owned/secondhand items) to send it to me so I could spare a space to sell them out also.

Just go and make a short visit (click on the link above or under the image below, or hit on one of the tab under the blog title). Wish me luck for the shop and don't forget to contact me later :)


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