Birthday Bro

January 28th is my brother's birthday. Our family has this special habit of celebrating. We celebrate everything, including (mostly) our birthdays. The point of the celebration would probably be about gratitude, to really express our appreciation and gratitude  for everything we've been going through on our past moments in life. To celebrate life.

We would usually order pizza or I would make any kind of Italian dish for these occassions, but this time we were all too busy and my Mom was craving to have McDonalds' special yearly menu, Beef Prosperity. So we order McDonalds last night and had the fullest junk food meal of our life.

don't we all loooove junk food?

This is my brother and that's how he got that belly XD

Happy birthday, little brother. Hope everything you do will give you more prosperity in life. Have fun in Singapore!! *saying with envy*

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