Video Documentation: Rem Koolhaas Public Lecture at Blitz

On june 20th 2011, JongArsitek! and the Indonesian Institute of Architects, organized a lecture by the Office for Metropolitan Architecture.After more than 50 years, Rem Koolhaas finally set foot back to the country, he so oftenly mentioned, to make impact in his provoking architectural thoughts.Accompanied by his partner and Director of OMA Hongkong, David Gianotten, they address approximately 500 Indonesian Architects, young and seniors, in two lectures that comprehensively delivered the journey of OMA as an architectural firm and their projects in Asia.
Made by Vidour, this video is for everyone to watch. So don’t hesitate to share this to everybody you know.
We hope you enjoy this.

A very late post, actually. Here are the official video documentations of the OMA – Rem Koolhas & David Gianotten Public lecture held in Jakarta on June 20th, 2011 by JongArsitek! and the Indonesian Institute of Architects (see some of the documentation made by myself [here] and [here]).

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