Sleepbox - video courtesy of ArchGroupRussia

"Imagine yourself in an unfamiliar city or in an airport or in any other public place far from home. There is no opportunity for you to rest and relax, even if you are extremely tired. You can have a snack or drink virtually anywhere, but there is simply nowhere to sleep. Sleeping in public causes security, privacy and hygiene issues. Sleep away from home in busy and crowded places is a non-existent luxury." [Sleepbox]

A very interesting design concept by some creative people in Russia. The main concept of Sleepbox is special units designed as mini hostels, designed for travellers (especially solo travellers) or any people with such mobile activities to be able to have a special place to rest without having to go to a hotel. But the units themselves were already provided with the same level of security and comfort as a hotel does.

Other designers from other countries have also come out with mini hostels as such with different ideas in shape and sizes. But I do think that these design will actually work and is going to become a new trend with so many people who does travelling more these days.

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