Go Beyond The Cover

Behind The Scenes:

Meet Rick Genest, a Canadian artist and fashion model born in Montreal on August 7, 1985. Genest is also known as 'Zombie Boy', with eighty percent of his body is covered, including intricate designs of an entire skeleton (skull included) and is thematically, the depiction of a body decomposing - complete with flesh eating insects.

Started to get his first tattoo at 16, he then meet up with Montreal's tattoo artist Frank Lewis by 19 and was committed to his full body tattoo project, with Lewis responsible on designing the majority of his body over the next six years.

The ad video from above was made as a campaign video for Dermablend Professional products, since Rick Genest has become the muse for the brand. The amazing transformation took a team of makeup artists a full day to cover the tattoos on Genest’s head, chest, arms, face and part of his back. 
Genest shot to fame after Nicolas Formichetti, creative director of Mugler and stylist to Lady Gaga, put him on the Paris catwalks and in Gaga’s Born this Way video.

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