Soaked on Project

Last Saturday I accepted a small job from my friend Hindi to photograph her friend's wedding. We started really early at that morning and even at the beginning of the day rain was already started to fall really hard. The whole ceremony actually had a very nice concept, but unfortunately so many things went wrong all the way. The wedding was held outdoor, at the backyard of a ballroom which have a huge pool at the middle and with very romantic decoration accross the venue. But then things started to fall apart, started with the catering, the whole arrangement of events, and added to it - rain kept pouring the whole day (please note that with so many events arranged in the wedding the whole thing lasted for more than 7 hours). Oh, and there was also that little incident where Hindi's backpack got left behind at the family bus and was taken along with the family that left early that day.

We still had fun, though. And we did took a lot of good photos of the bride and groom, and ourselves (of course). Here's a little peak of some of them.

What I'm wearing: Luxe Althea Viscose Lavender Pink Dress by CottonInk, Unbranded Puffy Cardigan and nude tights, Bloopendorse Boots, UrbanPrincess belt, PhieGarage Pocket watch necklace 

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