Beautifully Fabulous

Done some wall decorating to get rid of the boredom I got from staying on bed the whole day with the sickness (I get sick a lot more easily lately, don't I?). I got this wall stickers from FabulousWall just last week, when I couldn't find any good wallpapers or walldecorations to fill in my empty wall. They actually reserved this special photography series for me since they knew that I love photography a lot (thanks, guys!! *smooches*) and I also put on this board full of pictures showing my beautiful moments with my boyfriend and along with them are pics of my beloved friends and family.

Check out their page on facebook, because they have a lot more amazing wallstickers on store. Just click here!

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  1. hei...lucu deh stikernya....pengen juga.... :)
    btw, I'm your follower now! hehe


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