Bali Trip 2012 - Part 3

Day 3 - Last day in Bali

At the reservation email, the hotel management instructed us that the time of check-out was exactly at 12.00 at noon, so we planned to pack every belongings and took a taxy to Legian Street and hangout around the Kuta Beach until sunset then leave to the airport to catch our flight to Jakarta which leaves at 20.30 that night. But the hotel itself had their own policy, knowing that our flight won't leave until the night, they gave us extra time to wait for the return flight and provided the car that would take us to the airport at 5 PM (17.00 o'clock) from the hotel. I'm guessing the hotel gave the kind policy since it was at low season and there wasn't any other reservation had been made for the next night.

So we rent another motorcycle (the previous one had been taken by the owner) and went straight to Sanur Beach.

The beach is way to the eastside of the island and the was a line of hotels and resorts along the beach. So we left our motorcycle at Sindhu Beach and continued the trip walking along the path along the resorts while enjoying the beautiful and calm beach. I love it in Sanur, and it was really calm. We had the long walk and hangout there for a few hours, sat by right outside of one of the resorts.

We left Sanur and went to one of the special traditional gift shop at Sunset Road, where we can find all the original/traditional snacks, food, accessories and clothing of Bali. We shopped awhile, buying local snacks for people back home and our work colleagues. Went back to the hotel, had some extra time to rest, re-pack our belongings and took a shower before the hotel car came at 5 PM and took us back to the airport.

It was hard leaving Bali, 3 days deffinitely wasn't enough, but it was enough to excite us to have another travelling trip again soon. Can't wait....

~ Dee 

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