Bali Trip 2012 - Part 2

Day 2

We planned to go to Sanur beach and watch the beautiful sunrise that morning but failed miserably. We woke up late that morning hahaha. But we did expected it, knowing that the night before leaving Jakarta we had to work until late and couldn't get enough sleep before going extra early to get on the first flight of the day, then spent the whole first day in Bali on a full day trip at a hot day. So we woke up, had breakfast at the hotel, relaxed a while at the deck on our room then started on another trip.

The plan for today was to a whole day of shopping spree, so we headed to Sukawati market - about 26 km from our hotel. We kinda had a short stop at this market that we thought was the actual art market of Sukawati and had some shopping there before finding the real market that we were looking for. It was fun, and we did buy a lot of stuff for ourselves and my family back home, and also my mother in law (it has been a habit of mine in recent years to get things at every place I visit for both my mother and my mother in law, even before I got married).

Some of the shops of Sukawati Art Market

I even got one original Bali top for little Terry!! :3

Yes, we did take him along with us :)
I forgot how many hours we spent there shopping but my husband managed to stop the both of us from spending the last of our money at the place and went to have some lunch.
We had a book with us the whole time which tells us where to go and what to look for on our trip and they gave out a name of this local cuisine that was worth to try. It was I Nyoman's Sate Tenggiri (grilled fish on skewers) that was located right accross the strees from the art market, and we did found it. The guy (I Nyoman) was selling this tasty menu of Sate Tenggiri under a small tent, really simple but extremely tasty. And cheap! We only spent Rp.12.000 (that's about less than US$2) for one full portion of rice+sate tenggiri+a very tasty which is also his secret ingredients+pepes (traditionally processed fish steamed inside banana leaves)+some spinach and two bottle of cold Teh Botol.

After the meal we off towards the westside of the island to go to Legian. We made a short stop at the museum, though.


Then we spent the rest of the day playing with the sand and waves of Legian Beach, and then relaxed while enjoying sunset and music that was playing at the nearest cafe by the beach of Seminyak.
Just before sunset
The beachside cafe. Loved the bean bags, the lights and music.
We left when it's dark and had a dinner at Warung Italia, located at Jl. Kunti, a very small, romantic and not too expensive Italian Restaurant not far from Legian Street.

And then we spent the rest of the night back in our hotel room.

(To be continued) 

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