Timeless Tales

I have started blogging since 2006. Back then I had so many blogs with different purposes and themes. I had one that compiled all my fiction writings, another one was about music and movies, others were my daily journals, where I shared my personal stories of love and heartbreaks. On the year 2008 I started compiling stuff from those different blogs, throw away all the cheessy and unimportant posts, and put the important or interesting posts into one single blog. That was when I started my blog, "The Diary of Ms. Dee".

I chose that title because I had no other idea what to name it with and decided to go for an obvious line which basically describes best of the posts consisted in my blog. Just about my life, my diary, my personal interests and thoughts.

But then I started to write different things, my work, my creations, my ideas and talk less about my personal problems. And also I felt that, having so actively blogging for so long, I need to expand this blog on more things to share. Because my life is also expanding. I'm going through some more experiences in life, I travel more, I create more, I write more and share more things that aren't totally personal for me. And with more people joining in this blog, many new people reading it more day by day, I don't think that being "just a diary" is no longer relevant. Therefore I decided to change the title of this blog.

I chose the title "TIMELESS TALES" because I love telling stories, of my life, of my love, of my family and things that I have loved for. And I love to share more lately about everything that I cherish in this world and I am working on, and more new interests that I found along the way. Thank you to all of you that have been reading my stories and words on my blogs since 2006, or this blog since 2008. And also thank you for new followers and readers who have been so kindly to drop by (please drop by more often). I will keep blogging as long as I can and I will share to you all everything that I am going through from this day onwards.

Dee ~~


  1. You make this sounds so meaningdful. Love your new blog name, dear.. :)

    Don't stop tell your story. I personally love what you're doing as a designer. You're awesome! keep it up, or even be better! :)


  2. Timeless Tales is such a beautiful blog name, Dee! :)

    1. awww thank you..so happy that you like it :)

  3. Timeless Tales sounds so great! Keep on blogging dear! ;)

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    MLU the blog.


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