Counting Down March

Sooo.....It's March! Finally...!

I am totally excited for this month but at the same time probably a bit nervous about everything. A bit event is coming this early March, and we've been preparing it for months now.  

Anyway, I made this in the middle of my spare time. While I'm starting to learn how to do scrapbooking, I keep doing it digitally in my spare time or whenever I'm not busy (or maybe just bored) while I'm at work. It's easier to do and I can do it anytime I want, especially when I have to sit in front of a computer 9 to 5 everyday. This time I got this cute digital scrapbooking kit from one of my favorite blog, Shabby Blogs, which I adore so much that I try to create something out of them. I downloaded the calendar from Creating Keepsakes. I found this blog from Mbak Nuki's post on her blog (you should check it out, she's very talented in scrapbooking. I'm a huge fan of her work :p)

I'm making this as a reminder on my computer since I don't regularly put a calender on my work desk (and it caused me forgetting dates and all), while creating something sweet on my desk to cheer me up everyday. 

Dee's March Mini Calendar

If you pay attention closely you might find a mark in the image as a little spoiler to what event is happening and when. I'll share about it more much later, probably :)

Meanwhile, have a splendid March, everybody. Enjoy life to the fullest!


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