Saturday Nite. Tori Amos. Chat with my busy boyfriend through Yahoo Messenger. Planning and making lists of the things we need to do. Design (things). Commenting on our (though not totally) ruined photoworks. 

Here's one of the (though not totally) ruined photoworks that my boyfriend and I made. We used Nikon FM2n and FM10 on the photos we made, but we think the problem was in one of our camera lenses. I have no idea why, but I still like this photo...though it's one of the most ruined photo of them all.
Grainy photo, splitted frames and that big black dot at the center. But it was a wonderful moment :)

Am craving for these beautiful shawl from Cotton-Ink. I'm flat broke, shopping for awhile *sigh*.
Photo courtesy of Cotton-Ink

My mother has been sick for the last few days. Am worried. Praying for her to get well soon. Please pray for her also :(

When We Awake All Dreams Are Gone

Last Friday. Went to Lomography Embassy near where I work to get our photoworks results. Then stayed to watch L'Alphalpha's album launching at Heyfolks! The album is called 'When We Awake All Dreams Are Gone', and the gig was made as a small media gathering which then became this private show - involving the media and also close friends. Watched it with friends and my brother capturing their pic. Their performance that night was amazing and fun. The album came out great. Love the whole packaging of the album, it was made as a little story book for children with an extra bell given in it as a bonus, and especially love the bonus CD they handed out for some of the early buyers of the CD. The bonus was a video of the band performing, made by (of course) the talented videographer who is also my younger brother, Dimas Wisnuwardono.

All of the photos above were taken with Yashica Digital EZ F521


You should listen to their music. You'll love them :)

Good Life - For Today and For Tomorrow

[Good Life by One Republic]

Have been watching the news for the last few days and all I keep getting are bad news. So many bad things are happening in Indonesia, all the riots, the anarchy, the hatred and seeing people hurting and killing each other. And just today I read another story about the injustice that is taking part in Indonesian law.

As one of Indonesian young people, I know that we all want everything to be better. Better future, more justice and especially, more peace. Let's all keep our positive minds and hope for the best, and give our best to make a better future for everyone. Because the future is ours to make.

"The hope is we have so much to feel good about


This could really be a good life"

Tomorrow will be Thursday, the day when the mother of our dear friend, Alanda Kariza, will be fighting for her own justice and fighting for truth. Let's all please give support and prayers for Alanda, her mother and her family. Let's all pray and hope that truth and justice will be on their side tomorrow. Give support through Twitter by giving hashtag #HelpAlanda and spread the word. And read her whole true story here:

God bless you, Alanda. And God bless us all...