When We Awake All Dreams Are Gone

Last Friday. Went to Lomography Embassy near where I work to get our photoworks results. Then stayed to watch L'Alphalpha's album launching at Heyfolks! The album is called 'When We Awake All Dreams Are Gone', and the gig was made as a small media gathering which then became this private show - involving the media and also close friends. Watched it with friends and my brother capturing their pic. Their performance that night was amazing and fun. The album came out great. Love the whole packaging of the album, it was made as a little story book for children with an extra bell given in it as a bonus, and especially love the bonus CD they handed out for some of the early buyers of the CD. The bonus was a video of the band performing, made by (of course) the talented videographer who is also my younger brother, Dimas Wisnuwardono.

All of the photos above were taken with Yashica Digital EZ F521


You should listen to their music. You'll love them :)

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