October 14th. A birthday wish (and some lovable song) from my fiance by the phone. A birthday wish from my brother through Twitter. And birthday kisses from my parents...all at exactly midnight time at the 14th. A simple but really sweet birthday, but extremely special since I was so far away from home last year.

I planned to have cupcakes as birthday cakes, just like how I got come cupcakes for my fiance's birthday last August 15th. But then I changed the whole plan since I just won a dozen of yummy cupcakes from Cupcakes Company just the week before from winning a quiz that they held on Twitter. So we just had a dinner together instead.

The actual birthday dinner was held the day after, at Saturday night, at Abuba Steakhouse Kelapa Gading. The night was great...great meal, great company, though the service was not so great. But we still enjoyed ourselves.

None of us had our cameras that night (can you imagine, a whole family of photographers and yet no one had any camera with them?), so we didn't take any special photos. But we did have some taken by my cellphone. They're not much, but still a perfect memory of the night.

With my whole family
The delicious meal
The two of us
28 is a very powerful number. I am so grateful for the life I've gone through, and for the many amazing experiences I have. There are still so many things I wanna do, and so many places I wanna go to. I guess this is some sort of a reminder that I have to move faster to reach every dream I have. I just can't wait to experience more in life. And mostly for the future I have with my fiance.

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