A Short Getaway

Last week I went to a short trip with my husband on his company's one day tour. The company where my husband is working at held this short trip for their employees to West Java, starting the tour at Carita Resort, then to Tangkuban Perahu and then finished the tour at Lembang. All of the destinations were at the mountains area on West Java, so it was actually quite refreshing since Jakarta's weather was extremely hot.

We didn't take any photos at Carita, but my husband (and everyone else, of course) had a lot of fun bathing at the steamy hot pool. The resort that we went to at Carita was a huge area of public pool and baths with hot water. The natural mountain water was mixed with sulfur that came from the deep mountain that cause the water to be really hot, and they also said that bathing in the water could cure a lot of sickness.

We took more photos at the next destination, Tangkuban Perahu. It was really awesome to be back there again since my last visit many many years ago, which I took with my family back when I was a child. It's really crowded now but the view was really beautiful. Too bad that only after about 15 minutes that we got to the crater (which is located at the peak), it immediately started to rain and the fog got so thick that we couldn't take any photos of the crater. The weather was so cold but fresh. I was grateful that I wore a thick cardigan on the trip.

What I wore: Apricot Striped Tribal Asymmetric Hem Cardigan Sweater from SheInside, Brown Top from Shopatvelvet, Logo Jeans, CottonInk x TLTSN Flat Shoes

Though we didn't take any photos of the crater, we did take photos on the scenery. And we also noticed that the forest surrounding the crater site and the forest that we passed along the way looked really awesome, both mystical and beautiful at the same time. Here are some of the photos that I posted on instagram from the tour. 


The photos of the surrounding forest I postes on Instagram.
My husband took this with camera that we brought at the tour.
See how serious my husband looks trying to look at the crater through the fog :*
Taken from my husband's Instagram. Looks so mystical with the wet earth and the fog. Love it so much...
The one day tour really reminds me how I miss travelling with my husband. Hope we can have another travelling trip together again soon.

Until next time!



  1. I like your tribal sweater ms dee! and pohon-pohonnya super epic fotonya, creepy gitu :0

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    1. Thank you...nuansanya misterius ya hehe

  2. kyaaaa! akupun ingin jalan2. udah berabad2 ga jalan2 huhu *lebay* :))
    anw nice travelling dit

    1. Tyaa...makasiih. Iya ini juga travelling setelah lama gak travelling. Berkat kantor suami jadi bisa jalan2 deh :D

  3. awesome!
    bagus banget foto-fotonya!
    foto pake kamera apa?

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    1. Thank you :)
      Foto-foto cuma pake kamera dari Samsung Galaxy Wonder aja kok hehe


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