I'm just babbling.hope it works x) - - [re-post]

it's amazing how life can play tricks on us.

life has so many colours.
and as if we're walking on an old road, we can sometimes find so many holes in different sizes or even rocks laying in the middle of the road.

life can be like a rollercoaster ride,with so many unpredictable and surprising ups and downs.
the speeding up and the slowing down.

we can feel joy and laughter.
we can be as silly as possible.or be wise and settle.
we can cry our eyes out and scream in frustration as the world seems to stumble.
but we can also feel nothing.and find nothing.

but we as humans.we always brag.we always complain.what for?

life is beautiful with all its tricks and surprises.
humans don't 'live'.
they think too much.
I kinda think that living life should not involve thinking.

we look but we don't see.
we hear but we don't listen.
we touch and smell but we don't feel.
we think we do.
but it's our mind talking.
our mind saying that we are alive when we are not.

so stop thinking.
close your eyes.

you are alive !

-enjoy your life and embrace every second of it-

re-posting this after quite awhile, when my lovely man put a thumbs up on this note that I put up on facebook
I just got the most incredible "trick" that life could ever given me.
and I'm grateful for it.

ain't life beautiful?
well...it is.


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