Have You Ever...?

Have you ever love someone or something
So deep
So bad
That it hurts you…deep inside your heart
Whether they are close or far away
It hurts just for loving them
Just to care
Just to have the desire
And for having their name carved deeply inside your heart

Have you ever want something so bad
That it makes you weak
When you realize that your hands aren’t able to reach them
To touch them
To feel them
And you feel hopeless knowing that it’s so far away in your dreams

Have you ever wish for something so bad
That you cry
Everytime you lift your hands to pray for it
When you ask God to bring you closer
And your tears fall
And your heart breaks
When you wish for it

Have you ever miss someone or something
So deeply
That it hurts you
When you can’t hear their voice
When you can’t see them
When they don’t answer you
Even when you call their name so hard with all of your strength

Have you ever feel so hurt
Just by saying someone’s name

I do


Untuk kamu...

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