Interior Inspiration: Creative Walls And Corners

It's Monday again and it's always feels so hard to be back on maximum level on concentration to be working again. So I'm trying to gather some inspirations on interior concepts to get be back on track. Today I'm going to share some ideas I found online on arranging your personal space. These are some inspirations I'm sharing that might also help you arrange and decorate some walls and corners on your home, and hopefully mine haha...

1. Workspaces

I always have my own special workspace at home but never could really arrange it as much as I want. These are some inspirations on decorating the walls and spaces to make it much more enjoyable to work on.

Display important notes and inspirations.
Use a board to put them on, and choose beautiful paper notes so the notes and inspirations letters (or pictures) will keep the wall bright and refreshing.

Keep it simple, with small and useful decorations to freshen up the space.
Put flowers on a small vase, plus a table lamp with colorfull shade.
A small chalkboard should be an interesting idea for a special notepad.

This might help for scrapbooking lovers.
Organize the scrapbooking materials to save space and easy to use.
The materials should look beautiful when you organize them on the wall and also reachable when you're working.

Also for scrapbooking or works on design.
Keep it organized.
I personally love this idea since my workspace is always so messy.
This might help you reach the items you need easily.
Organized spaces keeps you creative...well, most of the time :)

2. Display Keepsakes and Accessories

I have to admit, I am totally an accessories fetish.
I collect all kinds of vintage rings, bracelets and necklaces.
Displaying them while keeping them organized seems like a great idea :)

These little assimetrical shelfs are really cute. You can keep some little souvenirs in them.
Put them on a contrast coloured/textured wallpapers and they will stand out on your room.
I'll probably add some small framed photos in them.

Another concept on displaying your keepsakes.
Put boxes for storages and put some items to display on them.
You know you can't just keep those boots of yours locked inside your wardrobe.

3. Hidden Hideouts

I kinda like the idea of having a secret hideouts.
You know that sometimes you can find that wasted space under the stairs of your home, 
which most ended up to be an emergency storage area that you never enter or just simply throw things at.
Use a contrast wallpaper with different tones from the walls from the surrounding areas, put a small side table and a small stool, some accessories or table lamp, and there you go - a secret hideout for yourself to enjoy.

Cushions and sofa-bed under the windows are always our favorite.
They're comfortable, fresh, and you can enjoy the scenery by having some laid back time with a cup of coffee and a book.
These two pictures share different ideas on how to do this concept.
Just make sure you have extra pillows and a blanket and you are done :)

4. Hang them on!

Posters and photos on the wall? This one is close enough.
Another idea on that concept is by hanging those pictures and posters on a hanger, put them on the wall, and you can  change those posters anytime just by taking them off from the hangers and switch to new ones.
This way you won't be harming your walls entirely by changing from one poster to another.

Enjoy your Monday 


PS: none of the photos belong to me. click on each photo to open the sources.

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